Coloured Wood Train & Track

Colored Cabinet-large

Ideal gift for any Occasion

Birthday, Newborn, Keepsake, Christening gift and much more

The cabinet holds 104 pieces as follows:

Trains x 6

Carriage x 6

Unicorn x 6

Fairy Carriage x 6

T-Rex x 6

Triceratops x 6

Elephant Front x 6

Elephant Back x 6

A – Z  x  6

& x 6

Dimensions of Cabinet
L x B x H – 450mm x 170m x 450mm

Dimensions per letter
L x B x H  – 50mm  x 35mm  x 60mm

  • Letters & Tracks are supplied in multiples of 6
  • Tracks can be provided which are compatible with all wooden train sets.
  • Cotton pouches can be provided to complete this gift.
  • We can provide a fast delivery and efficient delivery service.